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Chatham Borough is a great place to live. With its abundance of tree-lined streets and open spaces, preservation of this community's natural splendor coupled with a deep and abiding respect for its history and tradition serve as the cornerstone of our platform. When considering options for improvement of our local business and industrial zones, we will weigh the potential for a more robust and diverse economy, quality job creation, and increased revenue against greater demand with respect to services, infrastructure, and traffic control. In every instance the bottom line will be to preserve the character and charm of this beautiful borough. Thad and Jon will work together with you to deliver results that make sense. 


Since 2011, Chatham Borough has been governed by a single-party Council. In recent years, though, our community has grown more diverse. We believe that such change makes the need for a return to bipartisan representation a pressing matter. Single-party governance stifles debate and discourages participation by a significant portion of our bright and talented residents in the vetting of policy. Meaningful discussion and judicious deliberation on the Council itself requires a diversity of viewpoints. The best decisions in government are almost always a product of the most vigorous possible debate. When everyone is represented in the decision process, we all benefit. Thad and Jon will work hard to be your new voice on the Borough Council. 



We believe maximizing public safety and enhancing the community's quality of life to be "job one" in municipal government. As such, we will work assiduously to provide the police and fire departments with the resources they need to adequately and effectively safeguard Chatham Borough's residents. In addition, we will make reduction of the excessive traffic congestion along Main Street a priority, as well as the implementation of effective traffic and speed controls where needed and especially in the vicinity of our schools. Lastly, we will work to ensure that the Office of Emergency Management is fully and properly prepared for those contingencies that might trigger the need of its direction and service. Thad and Jon will spare no effort to ensure the safety and well-being of our borough's residents.
While carefully managed change helps us move prudentially forward, we must also strive to preserve the many wonderful features that attracted a great number of us to Chatham Borough in the first place: a top-ten school system; charming and picturesque neighborhoods; a safe and vibrant downtown area; an open and welcoming community; and a unique mix of indoor and outdoor recreation. Chatham Borough is our home. Thad and Jon are committed to preserving and supporting the history and tradition of this beautiful borough for the benefit of future generations.  

Mail Donations To:

Friends of Kobylarz and Wilcox

43 Southern Blvd

Chatham, NJ 07928

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